Despite its well proven benefits and being essential to company’s success, Analytics is a confusing area. It’s heavily jargonized and evolving in such a rapid pace that even seasoned data scientists are baffled with what new they encounter each day.

We at Analytics India Magazine (AIM) have our fingers on the pulse of analytics space in India. Since our inception, we have constantly involved a network of seasoned professionals that drive the booming analytics industry in India. And booming it is – with almost 500 thousand professionals, 600 boutique firms, 100 educational institutes, growing recruitment agencies, equity and investment funds, conferences and events – this space is in serious growth path. We help our clients identify needle in this haystack.

We partner with clients to identify their highest-value opportunities and address their most critical challenges within the analytics space in India. This may include capability enhancements, talent augmentation, knowledge dissemination, influencer aggregation or competency centre setups. We engage with our clients as partners in their analytics journey in India.

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Analytics India Magazine is the first and one of its kind information platform around analytics from India perspective. We bring in the most relevant, timely and creative stories for our readers. Some of our research studies and market surveys have become industry standards and are followed by thousands of readers.


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