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Ahead Of The Lok Sabha Elections, Facebook Is Using AI To Shut Down 1 Million Spam Accounts Every Day

Ahead Of The Lok Sabha Elections, Facebook Is Using AI To Shut Down 1 Million Spam Accounts Every Day

Anirudh VK

Facebook has once again shown that artificial intelligence can be used on a wide scale to overcome boundaries that are normally impossible for a human being. For a social network of its stature, it becomes difficult to moderate accounts personally, leading to a large investment in AI for moderation.

In a blog post on Monday, Facebook India’s managing director and vice president revealed how they wished to fight election interferences in the world’s largest democracy.

This program has already come into the application, with over 1 million accounts being removed in a day. According to Facebook, these accounts violate the company’s rules against misinformation, voter suppression and hate speech.

According to Mohan, the AI has helped Facebook to “identify abusive or violating content, quickly locate it across the platform and remove it in bulk”.

This means a lot for a company struggling against coordinated misinformation on a large scale. The social network’s other properties are also being used for this matter, with WhatsApp groups being abused to push propaganda to citizens. The move also comes after Facebook removed almost 700 accounts across India and Pakistan for ‘inauthentic behaviour’.

Ahead of the elections, the propaganda machines of both the opposition and the current government have begun spitting out high-frequency, sustained political messages that could very easily sway the minds of those being exposed to them on a daily basis.

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Even as the parties use automation to do so, Facebook is using automation to combat them. This is also a part of a larger movement against election interference in countries where it has a strong user base, so as to avoid situations such as Brazil’s botched elections.

The company has also set up fact-checking cells and election-type war rooms to ensure that the spread of misinformation is curtailed. As a part of their efforts in India, they have also set up offices in Singapore and Dublin to promote better communication between their headquarters and Indian operations.

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