AI-Based Meal Planners Make Sure You Don’t Go Bananas With Your Diet

Beyoncé just delivered the future of personalised nutrition when she recently launched a new addition to her 22 Days Nutrition vegan food business called the Meal Planner. The idea that healthy eating and vegan food shouldn’t be reserved for a select few but is a right for all is what made Beyoncé team up with her nutritionist Marco Borges to launch the 22-day nutrition plan

Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z have leveraged technology to use and spread the benefits of veganism to not just her followers but also a much larger audience by integrating AI into their website. It customises the food preference of a vegan person according to his/her choice and recommends healthier options for a vegan diet that people with similar preferences also like to eat.

“What I discovered [when I eat vegan] were increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, improved digestion, clarity and an incredibly positive feeling for my actions and the effects it would have on those around me and the environment,” Beyoncé had said in a statement.

With the power of AI, the application also becomes smarter day by day to such an extent that it will automatically start advising the whole set of effective newer multiple vegan diet plans that best suit the user based on the collection of data gathered in weeks or months. It takes into account the behaviour and health of the user, apart from other details in the data that it synthesises. AI helps users discover new things to try and plan their week’s meals ahead of time. It also teaches them how to shop for and cook vegan foods.

How Do AI-Based Meal Planners Work?

  • AI-based meal planners use varied algorithms to prepare weekly menus for web users. The objectives are derived from personal health, lifestyle data collected via data fed combined with general nutritional guidelines.
  • For example, Beyoncé 22 Days Nutrition applies machine learning which enables the platforms to help people eat healthy food and offer personalised solutions.
  • These AI-based meal planners use varied algorithm-based methods to succeed in planning dietary menus that satisfy strict numerical constraints on every nutritional level be it on daily basis or weekly basis. The rule-based assessment enables to manipulate the mean occurrence of the nutritional components thus providing a method for adjusting the variety and harmony of the menu plans. By splitting the problem into well-determined sub-problems, weekly menu plans satisfy the nutritional constraints and thus provides well-assorted diets that can be generated for daily and weekly meal plan generation.

AI-Based Apps From India That Are Making Headlines

  • Spoonshot is an  AI-based app that suggests recipes based on available ingredients, or robots cooking from scratch. machine learning to understand and predict people’s taste. It is also helping the food and beverages industry with challenges such as recommendation, personalisation, menu and product development.
  • RecepiBook  is an app that uses AI for recommending right recipes to users. It tracks user behaviour for a certain time and segments the users automatically, and over a period of time, the app learns user preferences. With these AI learnings, the app suggests relevant recipes to users.
  • Ria is a HealthifyMe app that uses key learnings obtained from 150 million tracked meals (20 billion + macro/micronutrients) and 10 million message exchanges (1 billion + words) between coaches and clients. Ria can answer questions around nutrition and fitness via both audio and text. It can also provide more than 10 languages for personalised responses based on the users’ lifestyle habits.
  • Gulpie is a personal food assistant that uses powerful AI to rate and pick restaurants that suit a user’s diet, taste and health preference. The personal food assistant is powered by a recommendation engine that learns about users preferences and uniquely suggests restaurants. It can also pick preferences, allergen contents such as peanut, gluten, concerns such as diabetes and vegan, and much more.
  • Nymble is a  smart cooking assistant to help people live healthier by cooking fresh food every day. The startup is currently developing a compact table-top appliance for cooking one-bowl meals and curries.

10 Other AI Based Meal Planners That You Can Use

  • Whisk’s Culinary Coachis an AI-powered nutrition platform that provides personalised food recommendations based on flavour preferences and food avoidance. The makers intend to expand to using blood glucose data for people with diabetes.
  • Frélii is a health tool that uses AI to build unique nutrition and health needs. The USP of this meal planner is that it is a DNA-based meal and the company believes that DNA+AI offers better solutions.
  • AVA combines experienced nutritionists with the learning power of AI to analyse and understand the types of meals and feedback that helps manage health.
  • Suggestic is an AI-based app where meal plans are personalised according to one’s needs which includes multiple lab tests.
  • Noom uses AI to sift through a user’s exercise and food logs and suggest personalised diets and changes in fitness regimens.
  • PlantJammer is a recipe-generating app that uses AI to help those with low kitchen confidence who want to cook healthy meals and reduce their food waste.
  • Tiddall is an AI-based meal planner and a live platform means a thinking machine with intellect and thought scenarios that implement and optimises powerful meal plans and training strategies for optimum results at the right time.


The holistic approach of leveraging AI in nutrition apps or meal planners is going to enable more of personalised and customised strategy towards meal planning and weight loss in future. In reality, there is no specific meal plan that fits or works for everyone as each person have their own calorie and nutritional needs, energy level and habits or to simply put have unique relationships with food. So, embedding AI within meal planning apps can take some of these factors into consideration and serve its users in a much better-personalised way.

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