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AI-based Open Ortho Surgery Simulator Launched In India, Will Help Doctors Train Better

AI-based Open Ortho Surgery Simulator Launched In India, Will Help Doctors Train Better

In what is viewed as a major breakthrough, MedAchievers Academic Council and LabIndia Healthcare launched an AI-based open orthopaedic surgery simulator which will be used for training orthopaedic and neurosurgeons. According to Dr Harsha Vardhan, the simulator will be used for training surgeons in spine surgeries, knee surgeries, for basic healing and other related surgeries. Dubbed as India’s first AI-assisted training centre, this simulator provides a virtual environment

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How the AI-based Open Surgery Simulator works is it provides the right environment for doctors to view the results, assess their performance and improve in performing surgeries. The simulator is already used in US and Canada and in India it will be first applied to orthopaedics, pathology, general surgery and emergency medicines, news reports indicate.

With cases of spinal injuries on the rise, this AI-based simulator can help in giving hands-on training with continuous updates and help the doctors sharpen their proficiency in a particular domain. The simulator will help doctors gain proficiency in treating trauma victims and understand the right performance indicators. According to Dr Harsh Vardhan, spinal injuries and trauma related conditions are becoming extremely common in India and there is a lack of doctors who can treat trauma patients.

This AI-based technology is suited for Indian conditions, given how the patient-student ratio is less. Besides helping doctors fortify the baseline skills for treating orthopaedics patients, it will also help doctors deal with knee and spine surgeries more efficiently. As in other areas of healthcare, AI has become a key driver of surgical innovation and plays a critical role in improving patient outcomes and boosting training. This truly disruptive and ground breaking innovation will introduce a new paradigm shift in surgery.

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