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Want To Earn Millions? Launch An AI Based Enterprise Search Startup

Want To Earn Millions? Launch An AI Based Enterprise Search Startup

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For startups, huge funding rounds exhibit that charts and dashboards won’t be sufficient and there must be AI and cognitive search capabilities. 

Enterprise search engines based on artificial intelligence systems are taking off fast. Cognitive search systems using NLP can include structured data contained in databases and even nontraditional enterprise information like pictures, video, sound, and machine information, for example, from the internet of things (IoT) gadgets, to bring contextual results in the actual business context.

Going back in time, data warehouses were built to provide on the prospect of a single source of truth for business intelligence. But, the data comes in numerous types, shapes, volumes and velocities that it becomes challenging to manage and derive insights in real-time. 


A lot of the times, business analytics datasets lie siloed; there are data warehouses, Hadoop lakes, graph databases, and other repositories like MDM. In this siloed condition, data scientists, engineers and analysts from varied business units are entrusted with creating business-contextual information resources for experts and end clients to expend.

Enterprise AI Search Startups Are Raking In Huge Funding

For startups, huge funding rounds exhibit that with the magnitude of data organizations are gathering from IoT, cloud, SaaS, business clients, charts and dashboards won’t be sufficient and there must be AI and cognitive search capabilities. 

After its recent funding round which closed at $248 million, ThoughtSpot made the headlines. ThoughtSpot’s innovation is characterized as deep analytics that is bolstered by colossal scale AI-driven search engine capacities. This organization brings to cognitive intelligence, where there is generally not much attention on the ‘search’ option for enterprises. 

Lucidworks, which also gives smart enterprise search arrangements, this mid-year reported a $100 million funding, amounting to a total of $150 million in total funding in the past 2 years. Lucidworks’ customers are already making use of machine learning and content analytics to leverage data for discovery and business recommendations. 

What’s more, Algolia, which centres around consumer-facing search, brought $110 million in a Series C funding just recently. San Francisco-based Algolia sells a cloud-based web index that organizations can install in their websites, cloud administrations and portable applications through a programming interface. Online retailers utilize the platforms to assist customers with perusing their item indexes.

Then there is Coveo which raised $227 million last week in a funding round led by OMERS Growth Equity based in Toronto. The company offers AI services for progressively serve significance and suggestions at scale over each digital instance in an organization, optimizing processes in a highly contextual manner. Coveo with its capabilities has been rising fast to become a market leader in using data and AI to personalize and automate workflows.

AI Hoping To Revolutionize Enterprise Workflows With Intelligent Search Engines

A Forrester survey found that the greater part (54%) of worldwide IT workers are hindered from their work a couple of times or more every month to invest energy searching for or attempting to gain access to data, bits of knowledge, and other answers. This is where enterprise-level search engines based on AI/ML come into the picture. 

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What about large tech companies in the enterprise search market. In view of integrating intelligent enterprise-wide analytics, CRM giant Zoho has rolled its content platform starting from the earliest stage, streamlining it for groups and organizations.

For example, Zoho’s WorkDrive gives the underlying document management across all Zoho business applications, taking into account unified search, and other vertically coordinated capacities for contextual recommendations. Moreover, Zoho Sheet is coordinated with Zia- an AI assistant, giving clients programmed understanding into their information, data cleaning purifying, and even the capacity to examine data tables inside pictures and convert them into spreadsheets.

Another big name is Microsoft which offers Microsoft Search, created on both the Microsoft Graph and SharePoint Search. It additionally offers Microsoft Azure Search, which is based on Apache Lucene. It’s possible for business search vendors to incorporate inside the Microsoft ecosystem and Office 365 which uses machine learning for search capabilities. However, specialists state that is hard to support data sources in Microsoft environment from databases, content management systems and varied frameworks of data systems used by enterprises. So, AI startups come to fill in the gap.

AI Enterprise Search: Making It Easy For Data Scientists And Researchers

For startups and venture investing, the trend is clear. One prime example of this trend is the world’s leading space agency- NASA has enormous data ever since it was created in 1958. Now, the agency is working to make its data increasingly accessible for rocket designers and researchers. It is redesigning search and analytics abilities utilizing AI and natural language processing (NLP) systems created by a company known as Sinequa which is collaborating with the agency to deploy a worldwide knowledge management ability. 

By the end of next year, NLP and conversational AI will help examination and business knowledge reception to half of the employees, up from 35%. Likewise, by one year from now, a report suggested that organizations that offer clients access to a curated index of inside and outside data will determine twice as much business value from analytics investments compared to those who don’t. Here, AI startups are playing a great role.

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