AI Generated Games Is the New Buzz & Latitude Is Leading this Race

Latitude has unveiled the closed beta version of the platform Voyage to further expand into AI-powered games.
Latitude Games

AI-generated gaming start-up Latitude has now developed an experimental gaming platform that will use algorithms to generate text and images. Latitude has unveiled the closed beta version of the platform Voyage. It is, thus, further expanding into artificial intelligence (AI) powered games. Latitude has also opened the waitlist for the users of its earlier released text game AI Dungeon. 

Dungeon vs Voyage 

Latitude was launched as a university hacking project with the intention of enabling users to create their own AI-models trained games. The start-up launched AI Dungeon 2 two years ago in 2019; the game is powered by OpenAI’s language generating models GPT-2 and GPT-3. It can be used either to generate introductory text or one’s own adventure setup. Users can then enter a command of their choice, and the virtual game master (much like in Dungeons & Dragons) will improvise the text to describe the outcome. 

Voyage, on the other hand, features more structured games. That is, when compared to AI Dungeon, it has a more clear framing in terms of what one is supposed to do and a better system to evaluate success. Voyage’s Medieval Problems is a Reign-inspired experiment where the user is the ruler of a kingdom and is supposed to enter free-form text commands for their advisors and then wait for the outcome. In fact, Voyage games Pixel This and Medieval Problems are more closed in nature and come with lesser moderation risks, unlike AI Dungeon. 


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Thus, while AI Dungeon’s algorithms are ‘highly unpredictable’, Voyage will be featuring more structured games. Having said that, experts believe that Voyage’s games do not have the versatility or replayability of an AI Dungeon game. 

Despite the differences, CEO Nick Walton suggests Voyage as a natural successor or evolution for Latitude. According to a media source, Walton said that AI games are kind of restarting at the beginning. The start-up is now moving into 2D images. For the same, Voyage has added AI-produced pictures powered by Pixray Image Generator.

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Summing up

The global cloud gaming market stood at $133.7 million in 2020, and AIthority expects it to grow at a CAGR of 35.4 per cent between 2021 and 2027, to reach a market size of $1169.1 million by the end of 2027. This growing market is a testimony of the growing popularity of AI games

Walton added that the ultimate goal of Latitude is to add not just games but game creation tools to enable users to build dynamic things, thus, automating the task which would otherwise take 100s of people working together in a studio. 

However, going ahead, as Latitude plans to expand its offerings, it has to be cautious about OpenAI’s API. The start-up approves GPT-3 based projects on an individual basis, and every project must adhere to the guidelines intended towards the prevention of misuse of the technology. Latitude has earlier struggled with the content guidelines, dealing with security issues and spending months working on its filtration systems. In the future, Walton wants to give other algorithms a shot and have systems that do not directly consume the OpenAI API in the same way. 

While Latitude has no specific roadmap in place, the start-up plans to spend the first half of 2022 working on and improving its systems. Additionally, post the launch of Voyage beta, the AI gaming start-up plans to launch a subscription. 

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