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‘AI Moves From The Woods To The Fast Lane’: Cypher Day 3 Ends On A High Note

‘AI Moves From The Woods To The Fast Lane’: Cypher Day 3 Ends On A High Note

The third and the concluding day of Cypher 2019 saw 20 talks, 24 speakers and more than 750+ attendees attending the summit and networking with industry experts of analytics and AI industry.


Pankaj Rai, Senior Vice President Strategy, Wells Fargo headlined the keynote session with an interesting take on how AI technology has become tech du jour in today’s business environment – something which did not even exist about five years ago. With all the hype around AI, he raised noteworthy questions around how much is good to pay for AI. Presenting anecdotes from his personal life, Rai emphasised that he personally wouldn’t like to spend much on AI. “I think AI has the potential to take us the long way but I have not used AI in many things. My needs are simple and AI is not as important for my problem-solving requirements either at work or personally,” he said.

Dhruv Rastogi, VP – Big Data & Advanced Analytics at Vodafone Idea walled the audience through various ways of empowering the AI team in an organisation, challenges they face and how to overcome them.

His talk was followed by that of Srinath Jangam, Global Head of Advanced Analytics at L&T Construction who took the audience through how data science has become a crucial part of the construction industry. He also stressed on how NLP and text mining are the key areas that they are focusing on.

Shedding light on the OTT domain were Vishal Vachhani, head of AI labs at Zee5 and Sidharth Kedia, Head of Strategy and Data Sciences at Viacom18 had a lot of interesting insights to share on the use of data science and AI in the media industry. While Vachhani took us through the challenges associated with generating India video content generation, Kedia told how AI is now being used for making movie trailers. They both highlighted the importance of personalization and how AI is enabling in various areas such as thumbnails and ads.

Up next, Amitabha Tripathi, Principal at Tredence chaired a highly informative panel on transforming your career in data science took the audience through why we see a gap in hiring data scientists, despite high demand of soft skills are required for data science, how much technical skills required and others. The panel included Kishore Kumar of Anheuser Busch, Ramsu Sundarajan of Cartesian Consulting, Nidhi Pratapneni of Wells Fargo India and David Zakkam of Swiggy.

Day 3 featured a slew of insightful knowledge talks by Arpit Agarwal, Director of Decision Science at Zoomcar and Mathangi Sri, Head of Data Science at PhonePe. While Agarwal highlighted on better driving decisions and reducing accidents with AI, Mathangi highlighted on how complexity depletes robustness and that every data science problem can be approached without getting the complex way.

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There were other interesting speakers like Arvind Nagpal, CEO at TEG Analytics, Gaurav Vohra CEO and Co-Founder at Jigsaw Academy, Chaitanya Shravanth Chief Digital Officer at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Aditi Gupta Data Scientist at Delhivery, among others.

The day also saw, like the other two days of Cypher, amazing mentoring sessions held by industry experts and brought together by the AIM team. The senior data scientists and leaders who lent their expertise were Manish Gupta from American Express, Mathangi Sri from PhonePe and Goda Ramkumar from Xto10X technologies who mentored 30+ data aspirants.

The highlight of the day was AI.Q Quiz, the ultimate AI and analytics quiz that saw participation from 60+ attendees from which 6 teams of 2 members each was selected. The winners from Aditya Birla Group won a cash prize of Rs 30,000 followed by a cash prize of 20,000 and 10,000 by first and second runner ups respectively. The day 3 of Cypher concluded with the stand-up comedy by Rahul Subramanian.

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