AI, the Infallible Hero at CES 2023

AI drove most of the innovations displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 that concluded on Monday
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From headsets that can predict potential cognitive risks and pocket-size breath analysers that detect COVID-19 to concept cars that know their drivers — AI sat firmly in the driver’s seat for most of the innovations displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 that concluded on Monday. 

The show was a testimony to how AI could be effectively leveraged to make products smarter and make lives easier. “AI is truly the most important megatrend for the future of tech,” said AMD CEO Lisa Su in her keynote address at the CES 2023.

The event featured over 3,200 exhibitors, including 1,000 startups that displayed incredible innovation in domains spanning transportation and mobility, digital health, sustainability, Web3, metaverse, accessibility and more.

In line with the theme for this year, which was Human Security for All, the products unveiled at CES aimed at tackling issues like access to clean water, food security, sustainable energy solutions, and personal security, among others. It also showcased the latest developments in accessibility tech aimed at making the lives of the differently abled easier.

Digital health 

The global digital health market was valued at USD 211.0 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.6% from 2023 to 2030. 

The increasing penetration of smartphones and improved internet connectivity facilitated by the introduction of 4G/5G technology, advancement in healthcare IT infrastructure and the rising need to curb healthcare costs, besides the increase in accessibility of virtual care are among the major factors fuelling its market growth.

The CES 2023 was testimony to the innovations in digital health through a range of innovative and wearable tech for health that was on display at the event.

The innovations

Produced by health tech brand Withings, U-Scan, a hands-free urine scanner, offers information about the user’s digestive and reproductive health. The device is designed to be installed in the toilet bowl, giving users a hands-free access to urine analysis.

iSyncWave, is a headset that performs an electroencephalogram (EEG) and uses artificial intelligence to predict potential risks of cognitive issues, including Alzheimer’s disease, within 10 minutes. Developed by iMediSync, the device aims to reduce the financial costs and time needed for diagnostic tests. 

Fufuly launched by Yukai Engineering is a robotic pillow that helps you find your healthy breathing rhythm.

Image credit – Withings

Smart-home devices 

The integration of AI into home devices and accessories is already here, and some brands have pushed this idea further to develop products that make life smoother.

Among the innovations is Samsung’s Bespoke Home range, which displayed an oven with AI. It suggests the right cooking temperatures for a range of pre-set healthy meals and can pair with Samsung apps to recommend meal options based on your workout statistics and diet goals.

A work desk that helps you stay active by doubling as a treadmill and ensuring all your devices are charged. Called the eKinekt BD3, Acer’s latest innovation is an interesting innovation combining the features of a fitness bike and a smart work desk that will enable users to charge their electronic devices as they pedal.

Accessible tech

The show also featured interesting innovations in technology that are accessible and inclusive for people from the differently-abled community. The Eargo 7 buds are water-resistant and fully rechargeable hearing aids that offer noise reduction and sound processing features.

Project Leonardo, displayed by Sony, is a PlayStation 5 controller that enables people with limited motor control to play longer.

L’Oréal, the cosmetic giant, presented HAPTA, a computerised make-up applicator aimed at helping those with limited arm mobility.

Metaverse takes centre stage

Companies displayed products that took virtual reality and immersive experiences to a different dimension at CES. The event had a dedicated metaverse area on the show floor, highlighting groundbreaking sensory technology building immersive, interactive digital worlds.

Vermont-based startup OVR Technology showcased a headset containing a cartridge with eight primary aromas, which could be combined to create different scents.  

Panasonic-owned Shiftall launched Mutalk, a sound-suppressing Bluetooth microphone that allows users to talk to others in the virtual space without disturbing those around them.

AI to help your feathered friends

Bird Buddy is an AI-powered camera bird feeder that not only notifies you about the visit of your feathered friends but also takes their photos and organises them into a beautiful collection for you to cherish and share with your friends and family.

A car that shows emotions 

Using sophisticated AI, BMW’s concept car i Vision Dee ditches the servant schtick of Siri and Alexa. Instead, it hopes to double as both your car and friend. The i Vision Dee is an EV sports car with an exterior of 240 E Ink panels. You can use those panels to program a digital face into the car’s grille — because it’s an EV, the ventilation that grilles typically provide isn’t needed — or change the car’s colours at the click of a button.

Japanese automakers Honda and software and entertainment conglomerate Sony unveiled their first concept car Afeela. Built on Sony’s sensor expertise, the Afeela has 45 cameras and sensors on the interior and exterior to assure safety. In addition, 3D interfaces for the vehicles would be designed using Unreal Engine graphics technology by EpicGames.

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Aparna Iyer
Aparna Iyer has covered various sectors spanning education, wildlife, culture and law for close to a decade. She now writes on technology and is keen to unearth its capability for public good.

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