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AI Will Be A Very Big Disruptor For Indian Society, Says Ex-Infy CEO Vishal Sikka

AI Will Be A Very Big Disruptor For Indian Society, Says Ex-Infy CEO Vishal Sikka



Global business leader and former Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka believes AI will be a big disruptor for Indian society. The ex-Infy CEO was recently in the news for raising $50 million for his AI startup Vianai Systems which is currently operating in stealth mode. As reported, Sikka was recently approached by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give a lowdown to Indian think tank Niti Aayog on how best to expand the reach of AI for public good.

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In order to make India a world leader in AI and expand the reach of AI in society, Sikka gave a presentation to members from 20 Union Ministries on how best to build the necessary infrastructure required to create a steady talent stream for AI. AI education at large scale can be the way forward for India, Sikka emphasised, adding how over the next 20-25 years, AI is going to be “very big disruptor” for the Indian society. 

“On the other hand, if we are able to bring AI education, the ability to build AI systems to India at a very large scale, and I’m talking about the billion plus people, then India can really leapfrog and become the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, in AI skills and AI talent,” Sikka told PTI. 

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And Sikka’s Vianai Systems aims to do just that. The company’s LinkedIn page describes Vianai Systems as a company that can empower millions to build machine learning applications. The platform can be leveraged by C-suite leaders and developers to turn AI into real ROI. 

Discussing one of the major drawbacks of AI, Sikka emphasised the black-box nature of AI and the lack of ability to explain results in an interpretable manner.  This is one of the key areas addressed by his startup for which he raised seed funding. Sikka previewed his platform at the recently concluded Oracle Open World event.

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