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AI4ALL Open Learning Program Provides Free Lesson On AI’s Role In Current Crisis

AI4ALL Open Learning Program Provides Free Lesson On AI’s Role In Current Crisis

Ambika Choudhury

AI4ALL Open Learning is a free program which community-based organisations, as well as teachers, can use the resource to educate the community and high-school students about Artificial Intelligence. Recently, AI4ALL announced a new module which high school teachers with a free online lesson to engage students around AI’s role in the current crisis.

In the program, the ExploreAI curriculum can be implemented in 10, 20 or 30 hrs. The reason behind this program is to support the community by sharing relevant, free curriculum and teaching resources. AI4All is trying every possible way to ensure the best to serve all people in the work to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence.

As mentioned, the ExploreAI program is implemented into three durations which are 10, 20 and 30 hrs.

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  • ExploreAI 10-Hour curriculum includes an introduction to AI, limitations and abilities of AI, use of AI implementation, the design process in AI and other such.
  • ExploreAI 20-Hour curriculum includes an introduction to AI and data, how to explore data in AI, where and how to collect data, how to use data to perform tasks and gain insights, and other such. 
  • ExploreAI 30-Hour curriculum includes 7 courses where one can learn about AI and data, what are the career paths in AI and how to explore the variety of jobs in AI, how to create presentations to educate the community about AI and other such. 

The AI4ALL Open Learning Program also includes a course called AI & COVID-19 where one can learn how AI is being used to tackle varying parts of the COVID-19 outbreak and how AI can be used to help the situation. 

Click here to join the Open Learning Program.

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