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AIM Announces India’s Largest Gathering Of Women Data Scientists At ‘The Rising 2019’

AIM Announces India’s Largest Gathering Of Women Data Scientists At ‘The Rising 2019’

Analytics India Magazine, India’s first data science-focused magazine and organizer of Cypher and Machine Learning Developer Summit announced The Rising 2019 – one of India’s biggest gathering of women data scientists and technologists to be held at The Taj, MG Road, Bangalore on March 8. The one day conference will be hosted by AIM to promote and celebrate women innovators in data science, analytics and AI field and celebrate the industry’s trailblazers.

The one-day event is set to have more than 250+ participants and will feature more than 15 talks from industry leaders. The conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops designed to inspire more women participation in the STEM field and also help attendees grow in their analytics careers.

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Bhaskar Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Analytics India Magazine spoke about the importance of this conference series, “This is the largest group of women technologists and the conference is aimed at inspiring the next generation of women leaders in analytics. As the industry evolves, we need to establish ways to recognise the groundbreaking contributions and innovations made by women technologists. The conference is also aimed at inspiring more women to pursue a career in STEM and at the same time urge companies and corporate partners to build a culture of equality and diversity”.   

Participants can also meet more than 100 leading companies that are working to build a more tech-inclusive industry for women technologists. Conference attendees will get a chance to meet companies that are actively hiring and understand their company culture.

Here’s what you can expect from the conference:

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Panel discussions: Attendees can learn how to grow in their tech careers and advance from software engineering roles to technical leaders. Participants can learn from women architects who will share their career transition experiences with the attendees. In addition to this, there will also be talks on how to balance resources, understand customer demands and master project management.

Keynotes: Participants can learn from immersive sessions where women technologists and team leads will speak on how they build a career in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Networking: Professional development is a big part of the learning journey and the conference has been designed to help women in tech connect with top companies that value inclusion and are also hosting returnee programmes.

The Rising will be held on March 8, Friday at Hotel Taj, MG Road, Bangalore. To participate, click here

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