AIM announces the fourth edition of The Rising, India’s Biggest Women in AI Conference

The Rising event aims to bring together some of India's brightest women data scientists and will be held in person on April 8 in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Analytics India Magazine has now announced the fourth edition of the coveted ‘The Rising’ (powered by Fractal) event. The event aims to bring together some of India’s brightest women data scientists and will be held in person on April 8 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. For the last three years, The Rising event has gained the reputation of being the biggest and one of its kind meeting of women data scientists leaders across boards, exchanging ideas and serving as an inspiration for other women for participating in STEM.

Some of the leading visionaries will share their perspectives on building a sustainable and successful career in the ever dynamic world of data science. The event will host a range of talks and information sessions that would greatly help women develop leadership skills. While The Rising focuses on women data scientists, it is open to all. People willing to network and participate in the discussions around AI and leadership are more than welcome.

The event is expected to host 250 attendees and feature over 15 talks from industry mavens; this is apart from informal sessions dedicated to inspiring more women to join the STEM fields. As a participant, you would also get to meet more than 100 leading companies striving hard to build a more inclusive industry.


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To get more information and book your tickets, visit this link.

The Rising: Opening a door of opportunities

One of the foremost benefits of attending The Rising event is the opportunity to interact with experts and enterprises who have a strong presence in the data science field. For many, this could be a good chance to pitch their portfolios and resumes to the companies participating in the event. The Rising 2021 event saw representatives from leading companies like Google, NetApp, Philips, and Deloitte in attendance.

Participants will also get to attend insightful tech talks that will detail various industry use cases that the speakers might have worked on over the course of their careers. These insights may help the attendees in sailing smoothly through the current challenges they may be facing at their work/projects.

Apart from the tech talks, The Rising event will also have a few workshops on trending topics of AI and data science. These workshops will be conducted by domain experts that would expose the participants to the latest trends and introduce them to tools and techniques to solve their tech challenges.

The most important aspect of the event is also the most intangible one. The Rising event has and would continue to spark a conversation on gender imbalance in tech, more specifically in the data science field. Leading and driving the conversation forward would be the industry trailblazers, most of whom have played active roles in promoting inclusivity in their fields.

That’s not all. As a token of appreciation and recognition for their work, The Rising event will also host the Women in AI leadership awards. Through this award, we celebrate the technology leaders who have had an incredible impact in the tech community.

To get more information and book your tickets, visit this link.

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