Top 13 Talks From AIM Conferences In 2019

Analytics India Magazine is single-handedly responsible for four of the major artificial intelligence and data analytics conferences in India. These conferences open up a wide range of opportunities to practitioners, aspirants and those who are looking for collaborations.

The year 2019 began with MLDS in January, followed by The Rising in March for women in AI and with MachineCon in Mumbai and Singapore in May. The year ended with AIM’s flagship event CYPHER in September and this year was no different either. Into its 5th year, CYPHER got bigger and better as it attracted 1,000+ participants and 100+ speakers from the industry.


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Here we have compiled a list of few interesting talks that made these conferences a hit:

Curious Case of the Missing Gorilla

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In this talk, Srinidhi Rao and Saurav Ghosh of TheMathCompany, demonstrated how the current state of the art algorithms still suffer from bias. They have also urged for the need of data ethnographers in every firm for a more reliable and effective way of using data. 

Why Trust is important when we build Data Lakes

In this talk by Global Head of Technology – Data and Analytics at Unilever, Nallan Sriraman talked about why Data Lakes are emerging as a critical data management component aimed at limiting traditional enterprise data silos and enabling agile access to all the data needed for faster decision making. 

This talk also consisted of having trust in the underlying data and tracking the trustworthiness of data throughout the lineage, the decision-makers will not trust the insights generated from these data. This session will share implementation best practices developed by Unilever on building and operationalising trustworthy insights and ML models on a data lake.

How AI Is Transforming The Future Of Healthcare Industry By Dr Ajay Bakshi

DrAjay Bakshi is the co-founder & CEO at BuddhiMed Technologies. In his talk at MLDS 2019, he investigated the idea of AI in healthcare and what the future holds.

AI In The Future of Cybersecurity 

AI is gradually gaining a significant position in cybersecurity both on the offensive and defensive sides. In this talk, Lion Kontorer introduced the applications of AI in cybersecurity defensive strategies against the continually growing amount of cyber-attacks, data breaches. On the offensive side, the talk also reviewed possible implementations of AL/ML by adversaries in reconnaissance, infiltration, and exploitation of vulnerable systems.

Quantum Artificial Intelligence: Challenges & Opportunities 

In this talk, Narang of Hike Messenger, gave a systematic overview of the emerging field of quantum artificial intelligence, along with current approaches and technical details and will highlight the opportunities and challenges for practical AI applications.

Analytics Beyond Data Science & CoEs

In the era of digital consumerism, every organisation has or plans to have an Analytics Centre of Excellence. Big Data is becoming hygiene and no longer a competitive advantage. With more computing power and real-time streaming, has analytics become omnipresent? 

In this talk at Machinecon 2019 by M Mahalingam of Hansa Cequity spoke about analytics beyond data science and why AI, ML and DL are here to stay. 

From Models to Boxes

In this talk, Sandeep Mittal Managing Director at Cartesian Consulting, shared his experience of making the shift – the “hell yeah” and the “oh hell” moments, in driving the change.

He illustrated, with the help of toons, a new way of delivering that’s become more apparent is where we build Boxes. And, how these boxes come with their own challenges to build, deliver, integrate, maintain. 

My Experiences With Data 

In this talk at Rising 2019 Women in AI Conference, Mathangi Sri of Phonepe shared her experiences of dealing with data for over 15 years.

Mathangi is currently leading the Data Sciences team @Phonepe. She has 14+ years of proven track record in building world-class data science solutions and products. She has extensively worked on building chatbots, pricing systems, credit scoring systems and productising text mining insights. She has 6 Patent grants and 20+ patents pending in the area of intuitive customer service, indoor positioning and user profiles. She is adept in machine learning, text mining NLP technologies and tools and brings a rich source of insights to her talks.

Feature selection Using Genetic Algorithm

In his talk, Sidharth Kumar, Staff Decision Scientist at Flipkart, talked about how feature selection can be done using a multi-dimensional covariance augmented genetic algorithm. This hour-long session consisted of why genetic algorithms and how they fare when pitted against conventional algorithms. The methods and results shown in this talk were part of Kumar’s PhD work on astrophysics.

Foundations of ML – Building your Data Lake on AWS

AWS has become one of the key players in the cloud markets and many organisations enjoy their services that are tailored to benefit the customer. In this talk, Raghuraman Balachandran, a solutions architect at Amazon, discussed how to set up a data lake on AWS. He discusses in detail the many features of Amazon Sagemaker and many more.

Food From An AI/Scientific Lens And Its Applications

Spoonshot is a first of its kind AI company, which uses algorithms built with the help of expert in-house food scientists, to model the relationship between flavour and nutrition to recommend personalised solutions to its customers.

Sai Sreenivas Kodur, Co-Founder & CTO at Spoonshot, in this talk, gave the audience a glimpse of how Spoonshot is working around the problems of taste and nutrition. He talks about flavour networks, cultural influences and even Nutella’s peanut butter in this hour-long talk.

Hierarchical Classification for Multi-Market Item Categorisation

Mallikharjuna MV of Walmart Labs, in this talk, spoke about the kind of challenges that surface during classification in a machine learning pipeline and the kind of solutions that Walmart deploys.

Masterclass on ‘Democratising AI — Enablers and Road Blocks’ 

In this talk at MLDS 2019 by Manu Chandra Chief Data Scientist and Anurag Verma CEO at Mathlogic, the speakers introduced the audience to the nitty-gritty details of doing data science. They also supplemented the theory with some hands-on coding session towards the end of their masterclass.

MLDS 2020

With CYPHER, AIM’s calendar year of conferences came to a scintillating end. Now, AIM is gearing up for MLDS 2020. Machine learning developers summit is into its second year and this time it is even bigger. 

The second edition of MLDS is also accepting ML research papers that advances AI. 

Check here for more details

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