Analytics India Magazine has worked hard to establish and maintain a healthy and vibrant data science and AI ecosystem throughout the country. With the launch of the Student Ambassador Programme last year, it made an effort to reach out to the campuses of India to spread the excitement to colleges. AIM looks to groom and prepares college students across India to participate in the larger data science ecosystem and make it richer.

About The Programme:

We are back with the second edition of AIM Student Ambassador Programme wherein students can apply to represent their campuses.  AIM provides a perfect launchpad for nurturing data science talent at the undergraduate and college level. There is a lot of interest in machine learning & data science in many college campuses.  By showing aspirants the right path, we want to groom and develop the developing the right talent that can be absorbed eventually into the industry. We would like to connect the industry with talent at the college level. Companies can help students by providing free tools, training and guidance.

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 To apply for the programme, click here.

To make sure that the young enthusiasts and the upcoming generation are well-equipped to adapt to Emerging Tech seamlessly, we are launching the Student Ambassador Programme to empower young talent across the country. We want you guys to become evangelists in the field of data science. To apply, click here.

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Students for this Programme would be selected from across universities and colleges to be the data science leaders on their campuses. These young leaders will then work closely with the AIM team as well as industry insiders. Do apply by clicking here. 

The campus ambassador Programme lasts for one year and the selected students lead campus initiatives and become thought leaders in the field of data science. The ambassadors also have an opportunity to win free tickets to Cypher, India’s biggest analytics and data science event and interact with industry leaders directly.

As part of the Programme, the selected students will:

  1. Have an opportunity to represent Analytics India Magazine on your campus and events
  2. Win amazing goodies, gadgets and swag packs
  3. Get awesome discounts on all Analytics India Magazine events
  4. Top Ambassadors will get a free entry to Cypher
  5. Get letters of recommendation as appreciation for the exceptional performance
  6. Opportunity to collaborate and work with ambassadors across the country
  7. Evangelise and become a data science leader on your campus.

Your responsibilities would include :

  1. Work with the social media team at Analytics India Magazine to inspire more young minds on your campus to learn about AI and emerging tech
  2. Conduct AIM workshops on your campus.
  3. Write about data science and analytics and get an opportunity to publish your article on Analytics India Magazine
  4. Create an exciting data science ecosystem on your campus and get more students involved
  5. Help us to integrate Analytics India Magazine into events and fests in your college
  6. Encourage more bright students to participate in MachineHack and bring out the best machine learning talent on your campus

Apply and Let your journey begin!