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AIM Partners With NASSCOM To Invite Indian Organisations For AI/ML Case Studies Showcase

AIM Partners With NASSCOM To Invite Indian Organisations For AI/ML Case Studies Showcase

AIM Partners With NASSCOM To Invite Indian Organisations For AI/ML Case Studies Showcase

Analytics India Magazine (AIM), in association with NASSCOM, has launched an initiative to unearth some of the best India-based AI use cases that have transformed organisations’ value-chain. To drive this initiative, AIM is conducting an online survey for businesses to jump in and share relevant details of the AI implementations.

Various enterprises and organisations in India, in recent years, have implemented artificial intelligence across their value chain to boost operational and business efficiency. And to implement these AI solutions, these enterprises, in most instances, have partnered with various organisations and service providers who specialise in AI and other technology services. In an attempt to identify these best use cases, Analytics India Magazine is inviting organisations to share their AI/ML case studies with the larger ecosystem.

The initiative has been aimed to create an AI Case Study Compendium for the industry by discovering some of the critical use cases, spanning across all sectors, implemented by key solution providers – both public and private. These use cases will be covering the implementation journey of artificial intelligence at any particular level or all levels of the organisation.

In the online survey form, the companies will be asked about the nature of the problem that required AI involvement and the estimated quantitative impact of the AI solution, along with some necessary details of the organisation. Once the survey details are acquired, the team will then reach out to companies for further details of the AI implementation.

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These use cases will be created based on the details provided by the companies, along with primary research based on the interviews that would be conducted with the selected companies. The use cases further have had to be deployed by either public or private enterprises, benefitting the Indian market, citizens or consumers.

Each use case will detail out business goals and results along with technical details of implementations, data sources, learnings, level of engagement etc. Through this AI Case Study Compendium, Analytics India Magazine and NASSCOM aim to ground the conversations around the real-world implantation of artificial intelligence. 

Click here to provide the relevant details of your AI implementations, and get a chance to participate in the NASSCOM’s AI Case Study Compendium.

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