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AIMinds Kolkata Is The Place For AI, ML and Data Science Enthusiasts To Be On 11 May 2019

AIMinds Kolkata Is The Place For AI, ML and Data Science Enthusiasts To Be On 11 May 2019

AIMinds, a hub for AI intellectuals, is coming to Kolkata with its sixth edition in collaboration with NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. A venture by Analytics India Magazine, AIMinds is a monthly meetup which puts the common public and Data Science enthusiasts in touch with artificial intelligence practitioners and researchers from all over the country.

The registration for the meetup is free. Click here and RSVP to register.

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AIMinds is a platform where established and aspiring minds in AI, data science and analytics can meet to have great conversations and share knowledge under one roof. People of all skill levels are welcome.

Agenda for the meetup: Data Scientist; The Job Of The 21st Century

Date: Saturday, 11 May 2019

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Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Venue: NSHM Knowledge Campus, 124(60), Basanta Lal Saha Rd, Tara Park, Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700053

The speakers for this edition are:

  1. Vivekananda Karmakar, Consulting Partner – Advanced Analytics, Wipro
  2. Angshuman Bhattacharya, CEO and Co-Founder, SIBIA Analytics and Consulting Services PL
  3. Prof. Jaydip Sen, Head, School of Computing And Analytics, NSHM Knowledge Campus

Click here to register and attend the meetup. We will be adding awesome speakers to the lineup.

This is an event for established and aspiring minds in AI, Data Science and Analytics to meet, have great conversations and learn from Industry thought leaders. Freshers with a tech background and who are enthusiastic about emerging technologies are also welcome. As this meetup is primarily intended at knowledge sharing, it will be good if you have loads of questions to make this a very interactive meet-up session.

Each session will be timed at about 35-40 minutes, followed by a Q&A round. So, do send in your RSVP soon and be part of this exciting meet-up along with your friends and colleagues who are also interested in analytics or data science and want to know how to transition to this space.

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