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All About Dataiku Online

All About Dataiku Online

  • With Dataiku Online, enterprises receive instant access to everything they need to develop artificial intelligence and analytics projects.

One can hardly talk about the rise in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) without mentioning the rising stars facilitating this growth. Among the many players driving new avenues of growth to ML and AI is the American unicorn Dataiku. Founded in February 2013, Dataiku calls itself the ‘platform democratising access to data and enabling enterprises to build their path to AI in a human-centric way.’ 

Dataiku specialises in leveraging enterprise AI using ML to enhance the capabilities of human beings. According to the company, the shift to enterprise AI is vital for any corporation to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world—and Dataiku helps them do this smoothly. Recently, the New York-based company announced a new fully managed data science and ML platform called Dataiku Online.

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What to expect? 

Businesses are rapidly turning to AI and ML for their decision making processes. Dataiku Online builds on that same principle of reducing businesses’ dependency on data science experts through a fully managed hosted plan. The plan starts from $499/month. 

With Dataiku Online, enterprises receive instant access to everything they need to develop their AI and analytics projects. The platform makes it easy for companies to connect their data warehouses for data preparation, automated machine learning (AutoML), reporting and visualisation dashboards and support for up to ten users.

According to Louis-Philippe Kronek, General Manager of Dataiku Online, “There was a strong demand from customers for a fully managed offering of Dataiku. This sentiment was especially true amongst small and midsize businesses” that rely on managed services and cloud data. Dataiku is especially beneficial for these companies which do not have dedicated IT support. 

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Francois Fau, a Lead Data Scientist at French Management Consulting Company June Partner, Dataiku allows it to “Free themselves from routine support and maintenance tasks,” allowing the team to implement their projects at ease.

The mission

Dataiku started bringing Dataiku Online to customers over the past few months. Customers reportedly stated that the platform allowed them to get started quickly, about a couple of minutes to create an account and a few hours to get running and set up connections. As a result, Dataiku Online accelerated customers’ efficiency. 

Besides assisting its target– the SME audience, Dataiku Online is looking to appeal to users searching for end-to-end analytics and data science platform. Additionally, the Online tool employs the same features as that of Dataiku’s installed options. Furthermore, Dataiku Online has a specific configuration and design choices suited for smaller teams and managed use. Finally, Dataiku Online’s team also revealed that they are working with customers to ensure features required to keep the experience streamlined and simple. 

Summing up 

Dataiku prides itself on being a platform for everyone– from tech to business and enterprise experts to enterprise leaders. 

According to Kronek, Dataiku Online managed to go from development to launch in under a year. It primarily consisted of Hugo Le Squeren, Dataiku Online’s Director of Business Development. Having a small team allowed Dataiku Online to work on its go-to-market strategy while simultaneously working on the design and development of the platform. In addition, having a business goal from the beginning allowed the team to sell the idea to clients at ease and early on in the process. 

Dataiku Online democratises data science by integrating its services with Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google Big Query. Such advancements work to make Dataiku Online accessible. All Dataiku Online does is provide a functional platform to bring people closer to intelligent enterprise AI and ML solutions.

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