All That You Need To Know About PyCharm 2021.2

JetBrains recently launched the second minor release of Python IDE PyCharm 2021.2.2.
PyCharm 2021.2


PyCharm is a Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Developed by JetBrains, PyCharm was first released in February 2020. Python IDE PyCharm comes with a wide range of tools for developers that are integrated to create an environment for Python, web and data science development. The cross-platform IDE works on Windows, macOS and Linux. 

With Python being the choice of programming language for most data scientists and machine learning experts, PyCharm is used by tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon in writing codes. It offers features like: 


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  • An intelligent editor for Python with code compilation, error highlighting, code inspections and on-the-fly syntax. 
  • Code refactoring– rename, introduce variable and constant, push downs and pull ups. 
  • Web development with the help of Django. This feature provides access to template editing support, support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing, and server launch from IDE. 
  • On-the-fly code analysis, error highlighting and fixes.

Earlier this year, JetMinds announced the release of PyCharm 2021.2, right after the release of Python 3.10. Following that, JetMinds announced PyCharm 2021.2’s first minor release in August-end with the following improvements and bug fixes: 

Feature Trainer 

The new IDE Features Trainer plugin allows developers to learn more about the Git integration in PyCharm. Additionally, it teaches developers to:

  • Commit changes
  • Clone repositories
  • Preview and navigate through the project history
  • Perform interactive rebase 
  • Manage branches and changelists 
  • Annotate with Git Blame

Developers can access the new VCS’ lessons by selecting the Help| Learn IDE Features option from the main menu. 

Faster Environment Creation

The latest version uses virtualenv instead of venv for Python 3 environment creation. This makes the creation of a virtual environment super fast. 

Improvements for Vue

The latest upgrade of PyCharm includes support improvements for Vue. It now supports the final version of script setup RFC. The improvements include: 

  • The debugger now works correctly in Flask projects.
  • The Docker Compose V2 feature, when enabled, helps create a Python interpreter.
  • One can switch between reload on save and reload on changes mode for built-in server and HTML preview. 
  • False positive– ‘Statement expected. Found Py:DEDENT’, does not appear anymore. 
  • Now debugging Python 3.9 for Windows 10×64 is available.
  • Shortcut issues have been fixed. 
  • A new debug tool window (the Update Running Application button) is now available. 
  • When one clicks the Run button, the IDE runs the configuration selected in the combo box. 
  • Debugging Python 3.9 for Windows 10×64 is now available. 
  • The type checker for the new union types’ syntax now works correctly with Django Rest Framework permission classes. 

More recently, Roberto Pesce, Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains, took to the JetBrains blog to announce another minor release of PyCharm. The PyCharm 2021.2.2 comes with the following bugs being fixed: 

  • cProfile call graph not loading. 
  • Requirements.txt blank file being created. 
  • Python 3.10 quick-fix to add ‘from_future_import’. 
  • No completion for values in style sheet properties in React Native app. 
  • Not detecting any SDK in the WSL project. 
  • Mixing up pattern matching with type hinting. 
  • False positives for HTML – attributes inlined in code. 

Here is a list of the issues addressed in the latest release of PyCharm 2021.2.2. And if you are starting from scratch, here is a curated list of 10 free resources to master PyCharm

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