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Amazon Appoints Former Tableau Executive Adam Selipsky To Lead Its Cloud Business

Amazon Appoints Former Tableau Executive Adam Selipsky To Lead Its Cloud Business

  • While Adam Selipsky leaves Tableau to head AWS, Tableau’s product leader, Mark Nelson, will be the company’s new chief executive.
Amazon Appoints Former Tableau Executive Adam Selipsky To Lead Its Cloud Business.

In recent news, Adam Selipsky, the current CEO of Salesforce-owned Tableau, announced that he would be leaving the company to head Amazon’s cloud business

With Selipsky leaving Tableau, executive Mark Nelson, with 25 years of enterprise software experience, will be substituting him and stepping up as the new CEO of this data analytics firm. 

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Selipsky became the CEO of Tableau in 2016 after leaving Amazon, which Salesforce currently owns. The news of this change of hands followed Amazon’s recent announcement of Andy Jassy leaving the cloud business and replacing Jeff Bezos as the CEO. 

Jassy announced this new hiring via an email to his employees. He mentioned that Selipsky will be taking change from May 17th and will begin the transition before Jassy officially takes over as CEO in the third quarter of the year. 

Selipsky has been renowned for revamping the data analytics company, Tableau after joining in 2016, including advancing its position in the cloud industry. Considering AWS generates over $40 billion in annual revenue and is the de facto leader in cloud computing, with over 30% of market share, Selipsky, with his product expertise, is the perfect choice to lead such a massive business bring success. Selipsky was also rumoured to be a candidate to replace Jassy as AWS CEO.

On the other hand, Nelson had joined Tableau in 2018 as an executive VP of product development, leading its global engineering team. Before this, Nelson had served as chief technology officer at SAP-owned Concur for roughly four years and had spent 16 years at Oracle in various product roles. According to an official statement by Salesforce, “Mark has been on the Tableau leadership team for three years, and he has deep relationships with our customers and employees.”

With COO Bret Taylor rumoured to be preparing for the role of CEO at Salesforce, there wasn’t any chance for Selipsky to grow further in the company, and that’s why he decided to move AWS to lead its cloud business. This, in turn, opens up opportunities for Nelson to lead this data visualisation company.

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Since last year, Salesforce has been increasingly integrating Tableau into its other products, such as Salesforce’s AI analytics customer relationship management (CRM) product, which it renamed Tableau CRM. Thus, Nelson’s appointment can hit the jackpot for Salesforce to take on Tableau’s product development.

Futurum Research analyst Dan Newman stated to the media that Nelson’s background with cloud infrastructure at Oracle would be beneficial for overall Salesforce businesses. As a matter of fact, Salesforce recently announced a new architecture for its platform — Hyperforce, that allows it to run on any public cloud.

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