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AWS announces general availability of Amazon QuickSight Q

AWS announces general availability of Amazon QuickSight Q

  • A new ML-powered functionality enables anybody to write questions about their company data in natural language and instantly obtain correct answers with relevant visualisations.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces the general availability of Amazon QuickSight Q, a new capability in Amazon QuickSight that allows anyone in an organisation to ask business questions in natural language and receive accurate answers along with relevant visualisations to help them gain insights from the data.  

“Now, anyone within an organisation can ask natural language questions and receive highly relevant answers and visualisations thanks to Amazon QuickSight Q. For the first time, anyone can harness the full power of data to make quick, accurate, data-driven decisions that will help them plan more efficiently and respond more quickly to their customers,” said Matt Wood, VP of Business Analytics, AWS.


Amazon QuickSight Q also offers auto-complete suggestions for keywords and business terms, as well as spell checking and acronym/synonym matching, removing the need for customers to worry about typos or knowing the exact business terminology for their data. Similarly, customers who use Amazon QuickSight Q do not have to make any upfront commitments, and they simply pay for the number of users or queries they use. Moreover, anyone can use Amazon QuickSight Q to get powerful analytics by asking business data questions in natural language and getting accurate answers with relevant visualisations in seconds. Users simply type their inquiry into Amazon QuickSight Q.

Furthermore, Amazon QuickSight Q understands questions, so users may ask inquiries of data in natural language without having to do any complicated data preparation. Likewise, to deliver visualisations, Amazon QuickSight Q does not rely on prebuilt dashboards or reports, which eliminates the need for business intelligence (BI) analysts to update a dashboard every time a new business question emerges, allowing anybody to ask questions and receive visual answers in seconds. 

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Amazon QuickSight Q currently supports questions in English and is generally available today to customers running Amazon QuickSight in the United States East (Ohio), the United States East (North Virginia), the United States West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (London), with additional AWS regions to follow.

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