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Study: Analytics Cities of India

Study: Analytics Cities of India

A working man is an able man. Capitalism and globalisation has resulted in creation of plethora of workable jobs and businesses. So much so that locating a job has evolved into discovering the right job, more so recognizing the sought after vacancies. 3 years ago, an article in Harvard Business Review “The sexiest job of 21st century” not only gratified all the Data Scientist of their work but catalysed the gamut of analytics market too. A denomination of being associated with data which has only been a designation in an office has now become a separate programme in universities.  Focused curriculum, bona fide teaching pedagogy, committed faculty and nurturing technology are the outcome of analytics’ thriving demand in the market. Consequently, the educational enterprises are counselled rigorously towards hatching of skilled individuals in the said province. Analytics programmes and certifications in Management Schools, major and minor subject in Analytics, entrusted analytics pedagogue and academic version of analytics software for learning illustrates the adoption of case in point by market and the society.

While Sahil and I are on the verge of submitting our academic project on courses Business Intelligence and Big Data & Advance Decision Analytics, we did an analysis of analytics job market by cities in India. The commercial aspect of such study is (i) Helps institute administration understand the emerging cities closer to their institute for analytics jobs which in turn help them drive better placements and industry connect (ii) Help an analytics aspirant student in decision making of college selection. The closer the college is to these emerging cities, the easier it will be for him to get connected to the analytics companies. (iii) Help the job portal capitalize on the analytics market

The data capture was done from the 3 job portals i.e, and These three were called the top 3 portals by World The keyword “analytics” was used to filter out the jobs from these portals and then the cities were captured. was rejected from the analysis due to unavailability of the comprehensive “Location Filter” feature. The capture was done on 25th Aug 2015 at 9.45pm with a tolerance of plus minus 2 mins. The freshness filter for was “Last 30 days” but for it was not applicable due to unavailability of the feature. This limitation would not hamper the results much as the main objective was not to compare the availability of Jobs on versus

View the infographic here.

The infographics revealed some interesting insights and led to some recommendations.

  • 47% of the Analytics Job market is in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR Region.
  • Close to 28000 analytics related jobs are at Naukri compared to 4000 jobs at Shine which is 2nd biggest portal after Naukri. has 2000+ odd jobs
  • Cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Indore have also entered the league of providing analytics jobs.
  • Institutes located in these cities have a strategy advantage over their rival institutes
  • Students who are planning to apply into analytics courses should match the institute location with these cities in order to have better exposure during the course
  • com beating the competitors by very high margins can gain more strategy advantage by creating sub portal for Analytics to cater to needs of the applicants needs especially. Their already existing e-learning, certifications and resume making feature would strength such a move

These sequels to our study are believed to be the concomitant of the following grounds:

  • The sphere of analytics is mostly congested by the IT industry and Bangalore and Delhi are expeditiously developing themselves in this discipline. Ergo, the jobs are bound to be concentrated in this region but a staggering figure of 47% needs a deeper inspection.
  • Considering the fact that this job would necessarily be a blue collar job which roughly are the 13% of the total job market of 15 lac a year, resulting in roughly around 10% of the blue collar jobs. This is clearly an outcome of the decision making bodies of industries and companies relying more and more on analytics than hunch.
  • Tier 2 an tier 3 cities have been growing as favourites of technological start ups and as a breeding ground for skilled individuals. Analytics being a new entrant in the industry has attracted appreciable minds into the arena as new companies or new division in companies.

The opportunities are numerous and we may still be at the edge of the new mountain that has been discovered. We see already analytics being revolutionised into Big Data, Quantum computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The technological barriers are being liquidated as we speak. The managerial implications only points towards an upward trajectory of the society and the business.



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Sahil Garg |Manu Jain
2nd Year PGDM Marketing, IMT Ghaziabad
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Sahil and I are 2nd year MBA students from IMT Ghaziabad. We are also the co-founders of, which aims to help student in his/her college selection process. Currently is incubated in IMT Ghaizabad

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