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Analytics Education for Senior Professionals: A Unique Programme from ISB

Analytics Education for Senior Professionals: A Unique Programme from ISB

Certainly, there has been a proliferation of analytics education in India. The demand of data scientist has rightly created a horde of analytics courses in the country, some of them with world-class quality. The Industry is still trying to cope up with the demand of data scientists and analytics professionals. As a result, we have seen a fair amount of courses in Analytics targeting young professionals. There are varieties of courses available ranging from online courses, yearlong courses & distance programs.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.27.19 pmIt seems evident that these courses are going to fulfill most of the demand of analytics professionals in coming years. Yet, there seems to be a glaring void still to be tapped.

Most of the analytics courses are geared towards professionals with 1-10 years of experience. This means we would be fulfilling most analytics demand in the lower section of experience. This section is definitely a broad section and is expected to be more hands-on. Yet, the existing analytics courses do not fulfill the demand for relatively senior professionals for analytics.

The industry now needs to take a step forward and enable the senior level professionals to leverage the power of analytics to the full.

What the industry needs is a right set of mix of senior as well as junior level of analytics professionals. The senior professionals need to keep pace with the wave of upcoming Analytics professionals. While the new comers have the advantage of right set of analytics skills, the senior professionals embody years of experience and domain knowledge. Both of them hand in hand can bring the kind of results that would help an organization to leap forward.

When we look for analytics courses targeting senior professionals, it’s difficult to find any. What needs to be kept in mind is that these professionals would have to juggle between their existing tasks and thirst for enhancing their skill set.

There are several reasons a course designed for senior professionals would be different from regular analytics course. Firstly, these senior professionals would be involved in some serious decision-making as manufacturers and consumers of analytics. We are just not talking about analytics professionals with charters to deliver analytics solutions but also leaders of different business units that would heavily rely on results from analytics.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.27.59 pm

As analytics gain traction in all business units, coaching leaders of marketing, supply chain, finance, and strategy over benefits of analytics is the key for an analytics driven organization.

Secondly, while an awareness and familiarity of analytics technique is needed, these leaders have reached a stage where technical hands-on learning would have to be constrained. I receive a lot of queries from senior professionals with more than 15 years of experience on the right course they should take to learn analytics. When there is none for them. They have the thirst for knowledge but are restrained on two aspects – They need a bird’s eye view of the analytics, enough for right decision making, and a busy schedule would mean a packed course structure that would provide this understanding in a concise fashion.

ISB Hyderabad has just come up with a program that would help senior professionals establish a foot holds in analytics. This new program titled “Senior Executive Programme for Business Analytics: Applications & Advocacy” aims at senior professionals with profiles ranging from Brand Manager, Sales Director, BI director & E commerce Operations etc.

Programme Highlights:Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.32.43 pm

  • This programme is in collaboration with Indian School of Business and McCombs, UT in USA.
  • The programme would be spread over 2.5 weeks.
  • 1 Week in ISB & 1 week in McCombs US & 3 days of SAS visual Analytics.
  • Total time from start to finish is four months.

This programme targets professionals and leaders from the Analytics domain across industries & functions as well as senior leaders in a company who are involved in decision-making.

This unique course was created in response to the growing market demand for senior professionals who are able to extract business insights from Big Data. The program will engage faculty from both the McCombs School of Business and Indian School of Business, to educate students in business analytics. Launching this summer, the program will integrate the core knowledge of business with other areas, such as operations research, statistics, machine learning, information systems and computer science.

McCombs School of Business (University of Texas at Austin) is a leading B-School in USA with a prominent analytics program. The collaboration between McCombs and ISB aims to bring in synergies of analytics programs at both the institutions into one concise coursework for senior professionals, which is expected to be highly impactful.

Evaluation of Content

The course content touches upon various aspects of analytics, big data and visualization. On analytics, the course covers Regression and time series, survival analysis & missing value patterns, Classification and prediction, Principal components, Clustering patterns etc. You would also gain insights into Map reduce programming model to crunch and analyze big data & big data text analytics for understanding and    mining large volumes of unstructured text data.

There are also domain based analytics themes including marketing analytics and supply chain analytics. Also, participants would learn how to explore and discover data and build insightful dashboards and reports using SAS Visual Analytics. Participants will learn how to leverage self-service analytics features and capabilities of SAS VA. In a nutshell, wholesome course content with a birds eye view to the analytics stream.

Here are more details on the program:

Programme fee

INR 6,95,000 plus tax, fee includes food and accommodation at both the campuses (ISB & McCombs)

Write at for more details.

Call on +91 40 2318 7516 / 9440121755

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