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In 2004, Google came up with a bold plan. It would take up all the books that it can lay its hands on and store them in digital format. The result was the Google Books project where anyone can search for keywords appearing in the millions of books that Google scanned.

This project was hugely successful. But then Google went a step ahead and introduced Google’s Ngram Viewer (, which allows users to search how a word has appeared through centuries of recorded history in form of a graph. A very powerful tool, Google’s Ngram Viewer allows us to ascertain when a phrase was first used and during which years it became popular.

We ran the terms “Analytics” on Google’s Ngram Viewer. Here’s what we found-

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.24.07 pm

It is evident from the graph that the term Analytics was popularized only at the turn of this century and has seen an exponential increase since then.

The first recorded use of the word “Analytics” was in 1733 book “The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam”. Analytics was then used as a synonym for Algebra.

A text in 1725 book “Lexicon Technicum: Or, An Universal English Dictionary Of Arts And …, Volume 1” By John Harris says

[quote]Thus a Chymist is said to Analyze Bodies, when he dissolves them by the Fire, and endeavours to find out their Constituent Parts : And Algebra is sometimes called the Analytics.[/quote]

The word Analytics was first popularized by Aristotle around 350 BC. “Prior Analytics or Analytica Priora is Aristotle’s work on deductive reasoning, which is known as his syllogistic.” [1]

“The Posterior Analytics is a text from Aristotle’s Organon that deals with demonstration, definition, and scientific knowledge.” [2]

The term “Marketing Analytics” first appeared on 1986 book “Responding to the challenge: health care marketing comes of age” by Philip D. Cooper. According to a text from the book –

[quote]Age/Sex/Zip-Code specific population projections are at the heart of most healthcare marketing analytics.[/quote]

The first legitimate use of term “Financial Analytics” appeared on 1993 book “The New Corporate Finance: Where Theory Meets Practice” by Donald H. Chew. According to a text from the book –

[quote]The model has six basic components: 1. Security Pricing Models: State-of-the-art financial analytics are used to calculate theoretical prices for various securities such as bonds, futures, forwards, … [/quote]

The first legitimate use of term “Risk Analytics” appeared on 1997 book “Financial Risk Analytics: A Term Structure model Approach for Banking Insurance and Investment Management” by Donald R. Van Deventer, Kenji Imai.

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Bhasker Gupta
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