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Apollo Clinic Collaborates With Niramai To Offer AI-Based Breast Cancer Screening Services

Apollo Clinic Collaborates With Niramai To Offer AI-Based Breast Cancer Screening Services

Niramai Health Analytix collaborated with Apollo Health & Lifestyle (AHLL), India’s leading multi-speciality clinics to offer contact-less, privacy-sensitive, breast cancer screening services to customers. Niramai offers AI-based cancer screening.

The company said that the screening services will be initially available at all Apollo Clinic clinics across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune and will be ramped up Pan-India in due course. 

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Niramai’s proprietary solution ‘Thermalytix’ uses a high-resolution thermal sensing device and a cloud-hosted analytics solution for analysing thermal images using big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning for reliable, early and accurate breast cancer screening.

Anand Wasker, Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Clinic, said, “We provide all Primary Healthcare services under one roof via Apollo Clinic format and are committed to offering world-class healthcare services to our customers. We are delighted to partner with an innovative company like Niramai to offer early stage breast screening that will benefit our customers.” 

Founded by Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur, Niramai has 9 US granted patents and several prestigious awards for its analytics-based solution — Thermalytix. Niramai expands to “Non-Invasive Risk Assessment through MAchine Intelligence”.

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“Thermography is well known to sense earliest signs of cancer. However, traditional manual interpretation of a thermogram has not been accurate enough to become accepted as a standard of care. Use of machine learning enables automated analysis and helps in better interpretation of thermal images and considerably improves the overall accuracy of diagnosis,” Geetha had shared in an interaction with AIM.

Thermalytix works by placing high-res sensor 3 feet from the lady to measure the temperature distribution on her chest and create thermal images. It then analyses these thermal images to automatically generate a screening/diagnostic report certified by radiologist.

As a part of this collaboration, customers will now be able to get themselves screened for their annual preventive breast screening and regular breast health check-ups. The test is appropriate for women 18 years and above and is privacy aware, non-invasive, radiation free and can detect the minutest of lumps or abnormalities.

Dr. Geetha Manjunath, Founder & CEO, Niramai, added, “Our mission is to create a universal cancer screening solution to enable early detection of abnormalities even before a symptom appears, which dramatically reduces treatment cost, increases treatment effectiveness and most importantly provides a healthy life to people. We are excited to partner with Apollo Clinic to take our clinically proven Thermalytix screening service to many more women in India and save lives.”

Customers can avail the screening service either at the various Apollo Clinic locations or can even book home-screening services through their nearest Apollo Clinic centre.   

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