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Apollo Hospitals To Launch AI-Based Coronavirus Risk Assessment App

Apollo Hospitals To Launch AI-Based Coronavirus Risk Assessment App

Apollo Hospitals, India’s largest integrated healthcare chain, today announced the launch of a comprehensive and integrated response plan to take the battle to COVID-19. Titled ‘Project Kavach’, which means ‘shield’, the response plan is a comprehensive approach that encompasses all aspects from information, screening and assessment, testing, to readying the infrastructure for quarantine and treatment. The culmination of a month of preparation, Project Kavach will bring together all the resources of Apollo Hospitals to fight for the people of the country against this pandemic.

According to Shobana Kameneni, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group, the organisation has specially designed an AI-based Coronavirus Risk Assessment scan for screening and initial assessment. This is available in the form of an app and on the website. The risk assessment will guide individuals about the potential risk of having the Virus through simple interactive questions. Based on the risk level, people are guided to contact the certified help center.”

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She said added “Over 8.5 million people across 30 countries have already gone through the screening on the Apollo 24 I 7 app and website and it is expected that over 10 million Indians will use this scan to know their risk score. The digital Apollo 24 I 7 app also offers virtual and telephony consultation with the facility to tele-connect with all doctors at Apollo Hospitals enabling patients to seek healthcare while staying at home. 

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The 3800 Apollo pharmacies across 18 states will be pressed into action to serve people with all the medication, consumables and supplements as required. Stocks have been doubled, prices will be strictly monitored and controlled, and home delivery capability has been enhanced. It is estimated that the capacity can be ramped up from the 500,000 people served on a daily basis to 1 million if required.

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