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Apple Announces A New Free Course For Educators

Apple Announces A New Free Course For Educators

Apple Announces A New Free Course For Educators

Apple announces a new free course for the US educators that can assist teachers in delivering superior coding lessons to students. The idea behind this initiative is to upskill educators, which will help instructors teach app development to students.

The tech giant has two programs called ‘Develop in Swift’ and ‘Everyone Can Code,’ which are focused on educators and parents. This will allow them to teach coding to students/children and bridge the skill gap in the market. Over the years, both programs have played a crucial role in educating people to learn to code. Consequently, under the Develop in Swift banner, Apple has released another course that will be taught by Apple experts,  which according to the company, can be an ideal introductory course for teaching the Develop in Swift course.

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“Apple has worked alongside educators for 40 years, and we’re especially proud to see how Develop in Swift and Everyone Can Code have been instrumental in helping teachers and students make an impact in their communities,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Markets, Apps, and Services. “We’ve seen community college students build food security apps for their campus and watched middle school educators host virtual coding clubs over [the] summer break.”

Based on the feedback from educators, Apple has revamped the Develop in Swift curriculum, thereby making the learning experience even simpler. In addition, Apple has also released new books for Develop in Swift curriculum: Develop in Swift Explorations, Develop in Swift AP CS Principles, Develop in Swift Fundamentals, and Develop in Swift Data Collections (will be available this fall), for free in Apple Books. And for Everyone Can Code curriculum, the new book is Everyone Can Code Adventures, that has advanced level techniques. For parents to support their kids, Apple has released A Quick Start to Code, which is designed for learners of age 10 and above. 

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