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Appnomic® Systems – Simplifying and Automating IT

Appnomic® Systems – Simplifying and Automating IT

PrintAppnomic Systems is bringing “Big Data” advanced analytics to the Information Technology (IT) global market and achieving business results breakthroughs with our clients and partners.   As an early member of the analytics industry and community of software product companies emerging from India, I am pleased to share our story with India Analytics Magazine readers.

Appnomic Systems’ business is to simplify and automate IT through software product and related services.  The company has developed a new, recently patented approach to managing complex IT operations and is leading the way in a new sector of the $22+ billion IT Operations Management (ITOM) market.  This new sector, called IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), was named just a couple years ago by an industry analyst group.  As the industry evolves, so are Appnomic’s solutions and the market size.  Applications of Appnomic solutions in the broader Advanced Analytics, Business Activity Monitoring, and Business Process Management markets are on the horizon for the company as well.

ITOA offers an improvement to the 10+ year-old, $2+ billion, application performance monitoring and management (APM) market.  ITOA is changing the game in this category and Appnomic is doing it with patented Application Behavior Learning (ABL) technology incorporated in our flagship software product, AppsOne®.

Today, APM and other similar IT monitoring tools are the equivalent of fire extinguishers that put out “IT fires” once they occur, whereas Appnomic ABL technology is like a smoke detector that prevents fires from occurring in the first place.  Many people use fire extinguishers to put out fires, smoke detectors do a better job to prevent fires with a completely different approach.  This analogy holds true for the new IT operations analytics that are changing how we prevent IT fires and fire drills versus fix things after an incident has occurred.

Our customers are some of the largest banks, ecommerce companies, manufacturers, and enterprises in the world.  They use Appnomic software and services to achieve enormous gains in sales and profitability.  A case study of a bank that is delivering 2 second transaction response times across their Internal banking portal is available here for review.

Clients achieve compelling results with increased application up-time and responsiveness to end users; accelerated IT application & infrastructure trouble resolution; prevention of IT “accidents” that otherwise impair end user experience and ecommerce sales conversions; compliance enforcement & risk mitigation; migrating their data center operations to the Cloud; selling value added IT services; cost savings from using our tool set versus legacy providers’ tools, and more.

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In addition to our ITOA solution, AppsOne, we also have a contemporary IT Process Automation (ITPA) platform, OpsOne®.  OpsOne helps automate the IT fixes of poor performing enterprise software / web applications as well as repetitive data center and IT management processes. Together, AppsOne and OpsOne deliver actionable analytics like no other solution in the market.

The company’s global headquarters are in Bangalore, India and U.S. headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California in the center of Silicon Valley.  You may visit us online at .


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