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Arka Venture Labs To Fund A Data Science Platform For Non-Tech Users — Obviously AI

Arka Venture Labs To Fund A Data Science Platform For Non-Tech Users — Obviously AI

Arka Venture Labs To Fund A Data Science Platform For Non-Tech Users — Obviously AI

Obviously AI, a California headquartered data science startup, has recently announced that the company has raised a fresh round of funding led by Arka Venture Labs. Apart from Arka Venture Labs, the company is also invested by other firms like Berkeley Skydeck, Nvidia, Sequoia Capital and more.

Obviously AI, founded in 2018 by Tapojit Debnath and Nirman Dave, helps non-technical business users in doing fast predictive analytics using data science. It claims to enable users to run complex data predictions and analytics by asking questions in natural language with no code, no specialised training, within a minute. The company has designed the platform to help SMBs as well as the small departments working in larger companies in sectors like banking, insurance, marketing, and gaming. 

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According to Nirman Dave, one of the co-founders of Obviously AI, businesses usually care about getting decision making insights about their customers, products, and its usage however often have to wait for weeks to get their questions answered.

Obviously AI uses state-of-the-art NLP to break down the questions, interpret it, and find the right data in order to resolve. The data is then run through machine learning algorithms parallelly to make predictions. The machine then identifies top attributes impacting the outcome companies are trying to predict and delivers accurate reports.

For the retail industry, this system can optimise procurement, assortment, prediction of inventory, and can also forecast staffing. On the other hand, for the healthcare industry, the system can assist administrators in predicting hospital readmissions, and creating a proper regimen, along with medication adherence. 

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Another co-founder, Tapojit Debnath, stated to the media, “We have been on a mission to make data science effortless just by asking questions. It’s amazing what marketers, salespeople, and other non-technical business users can learn when they use our platform.”

Earlier this year, Obviously AI raised an amount in a pre-seed funding round from Berkeley SkyDeck. Berkeley SkyDeck is a joint venture accelerator established by UC Berkeley College of Engineering along with Haas School of Business and the office of vice chancellor for research at SkyDeck.

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