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Arrow brings you the first “Smart Shirt” that connects with your smartphone

Arrow brings you the first “Smart Shirt” that connects with your smartphone

As a new development in the area of wearable, one of the largest clothing brands, Arrow, has come up with an innovative wearable shirt.

Now go “smart” with your office wear as Arrow enters the future of fashion with its Smart Shirts, which lets you share your business cards, social media profiles, sets a meeting mode, plays your favourite music and much more.


This latest wearable in town vouches for an amazing experience both at office and social gatherings, as there’s a lot you could explore with it. Here’s a list of things that Smart Shirt can do for you:

  • Want to share your LinkedIn profile with a colleague? All you need to do is tap their phone on the shirt’s cuff to have your profile open on their smartphone
  • In the same way, it lets you share your Facebook profile in just a tap away
  • Sharing your Business card was never this easy. Tap the phone on shirt’s sleeves to get your e-business card on other’s smartphone
  • Set the meeting mode to stay away from disturbances during important meetings. Customize the meeting mode by setting silent mode, vibrate more or auto mode and carry your meetings uninterrupted
  • Ease your work by activating work mode. It lets you work with low brightness, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save on your battery and stay focused on your work without bothering for phone’s battery
  • Let’s you pair easily with your Bluetooth speakers
  • Opens your favourite app with just a tap on the shirt
  • Let’s you listen to all your favourite songs, courtesy- Smart Shirt

How it works?

We already can’t seem to get enough of what the Smart Shirt has to offer. Let’s understand how it exactly works? The Smart Shirt is enabled with NFC chip in one of its cuffs that ensures a connectivity between revolutionary Smart Shirt and the phone. These shirts come with an app that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Currently it is available only on Android as Apple hasn’t opened APIs for NFC on the iPhone yet.

While this wearable doesn’t intend to change your life dramatically, it surely has interesting functionalities that can ease up your work. The first of its kind shirt is available across major Arrow stores in lot of exciting colours and is made of 100% cotton fabric. If you are worried about its washing, the company has taken care of it and the Smart Shirt is good for multiple cycles of wash, iron, wear.

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Based on the consumer reception, the company intends to add more functionalities and add wearable technology to their other products such as womenswear and athleisure wear.

All the men out there, go grab your wearable shirt now!

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