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As Amazon Struggles, Apple Donates Millions Of Masks Amid Covid-19

As Amazon Struggles, Apple Donates Millions Of Masks Amid Covid-19


Acknowledging that the coming weeks will test the true mettle of companies in the Silicon Valley, and how they can leverage technology as a valuable tool in this time, Apple CEO Tim Cook, has launched a series of initiatives amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a statement released on March 13, Cook had said that the company’s donations to the Covid-19 response had reached $15 million worldwide. Additionally, Apple also announced that it is matching its employee contributions two-to-one to support their efforts to fight this outbreak.

One of the initiatives that the company has committed to has generated a lot of buzz lately. Cook tweeted that the company has been donating “millions” of N95 industrial masks in its bid to help source supplies for healthcare providers in the US and Europe fighting Covid-19.

Apple Donates Masks

However, it is still unclear how Apple is going to achieve that given that mask supplies are running drastically low.

This was confirmed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a note to its employees.  According to Bezos, the company had placed orders for millions of masks for employees who cannot work remotely, but “very few [orders] have been fulfilled.”

Despite the deficit, however, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a post that the company was donating 7,20,000 masks, as it sources more.

(Some) Stores To Reopen

While all Apple stores outside Greater China will be temporarily closed until March 27, all its stores in Greater China have reopened. This is because the rate of infections have dramatically declined in this part of the world.

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Meanwhile, Apple continues to fulfill orders through its online stores and Apple Store app.

Apple News, & Other Developments

With the objective of maintaining a news feed that carries verified and correct information and news developments on Covid-19, it has launched a new section on Apple News. It also moved its annual Worldwide Developers Conference to an online format this year.

Furthermore, like other big tech companies, Apple too has shifted to flexible work arrangements worldwide. Additionally, ‘extensive deep cleaning’ will continue at all its sites, and the company will continue to launch new health screenings at all its offices.

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