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As Coronavirus Grips The World, GoJek Launches Critical Initiatives

As Coronavirus Grips The World, GoJek Launches Critical Initiatives


As effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to ripple across the globe, ride-hailing giant Gojek defies associated turbulence in the tech industry by raising $1.2 billion to expand its operations. But even as it revels in what has come to be one of the largest deals since the emergence of coronavirus, the Southeast Asian company has been continuing its efforts to prevent the spread of the viral disease.

Gojek is emphasizing three key areas in its fight against coronavirus:

  • Social distancing
  • Practising a healthy lifestyle, and
  • Maintaining productivity

The company has collaborated with various stakeholders and launched a number of initiatives to this end. 

Contactless Food Delivery

To support the ongoing social distancing movement, GoJek is providing the option of minimizing direct contact between driver partners and customers during food deliveries. While all payments will be made cashless, customers can also write an additional note to the driver to drop off their meal at a designated location. What is more, the company is reportedly spraying disinfectants on delivery bags as well as cooking stations on a regular basis.

The company is also partnering with others for items such as hand sanitizers and masks for their driver partners.

Income assistance scheme

GoJek has begun providing financial assistance to its driver partners who have tested positive for the disease. In addition to providing income support, it will also temporarily stop installments, including vehicle payments, until they return to work.

What is more, the company has also deactivated the accounts of drivers who are currently under observation. There is also a team that operates 24/7 that helps connect partners with health authorities if they are experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19.

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Educate Customers About Coronavirus

Using banners on apps, GoJek has been launching campaigns to create awareness about the disease. According to The Jakarta Post, information on precautionary measures is conveyed in a timely manner through its in-app notification feature.

Free Consultation Service

GoJek app has a free consultation service for drivers in its network who are affected by coronavirus. Through a collaboration between GoMed and Halodoc, this service allows them to consult a certified medical professional from anywhere. Moreover, they get their medication delivered to them within a few hours.

Comprehensive Work-From-Home Guidelines

While the company has been running deep-cleaning services in its office regularly, it has shared a comprehensive guideline on how to adjust to this transition and how to work remotely in a manner that is productive. This includes setting up the right environment, ensuring you have the right tools, as well as some useful hacks.

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