Abhishek Bhalla
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Abhishek Bhalla is a Solutions Sales Consultant - Analytics and Strategy ( ASEAN) at Pitney Bowes Software, Singapore. He received his Masters in Financial Engineering from Edith Cowan University, Australia and earned his spot as magna cum laude graduate. After a brief stint as a Real Estate Private Equity Consultant with Accenture Credit Services, Abhishek decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to cooler Bangalore, where he was offered a challenging profile and foray into Customer Analytics at IBM followed by Pitney Bowes. In addition to consulting, Abhishek is a regular mentor to students under the Wharton Customer Analytics initiative and an enthusiastic Electronic Dance Music listener. He has helped clients across ASEAN region in the areas of Data Management, Predictive Analytics, Campaign Management Strategic Consulting across Telecom , Banking , Insurance and Retail verticals.

Forget Big Data. We need “Clean & Structured” Data

Much has been said in the last couple of years about the explosion of ‘Big Data’. The immense opportunities that ‘Big data’ can provide to a multitude of industries ranging from Telecom to Retail, CPG to Energy & Transportation. For…

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