Aditya Singh

Aditya Singh

A machine learning enthusiast with a knack for finding patterns. In my free time, I like to delve into the world of non-fiction books and video essays.
Developers Corner

Make Python Code Faster With Numba

Numba is an open-source Just-In-Time compiler that enables Python developers to translate Python and NumPy code directly into machine code.

naive-bayes-from scratch
Developers Corner

Understanding Naive Bayes Classifier From Scratch

Naive Bayes classifiers is a highly scalable probabilistic classifiers that is built upon the Bayes theorem. This article goes through the Bayes theorem, ‘make some assumptions’ and then implement a naive Bayes classifier from scratch.

python context managers
Developers Corner

Guide To Python Context Managers: Beyond Files

Context managers are one of those inherently Pythonic features that aren’t available in most languages. They provide a convenient syntax when your code has to open and close connections or manage limited resources.

python metaclasses
Developers Corner

Complete Guide to Python Metaclasses

Python metaclasses is an abstruse OOP concept that lurks behind basically all Python code, it can be used to modify the behaviour of classes.

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