Anil Kumar Sharma
Anil Kumar Sharma
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Anil Sharma is a part of the AIM Writers Programme. He is an IT Architect working for a Telcom company who likes the challenge and enjoys working with people in solving complex problems. He has been in the IT Industry for 25+ years and loves the progress and transformation it is going through. He likes to continuously upgrade his technical skills by pursuing various IT-related certifications like AWS, Data Science, TOGAF, etc. His current love is Data Science and he enjoys exploring it in free times and on weekends.

Leveraging Data Science To Improve Agronomy

India’s agriculture sector contributes only 14-15 percent towards the country’s GDP however it consumes 40-45 percent of total employment. Almost half of the agricultural land depends on rainfall. There is a great opportunity to leverage data science technologies to analyze…

AI & Humanity: A Crucial Relationship To Manage

Historically mechanization of a human task is met with resistant due to its’ direct or indirect impact on the livelihood of a certain section of people. AI is introducing automation at a much higher level which has great potential of…

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