Ankit Das

Ankit Das

A data analyst with expertise in statistical analysis, data visualization ready to serve the industry using various analytical platforms. I look forward to having in-depth knowledge of machine learning and data science. Outside work, you can find me as a fun-loving person with hobbies such as sports and music.

Hands-On Guide To Web Scraping Using Python and Scrapy

Web Scraping is a procedure to extract information from sites. This can be done with the assistance of web scraping programming known as web scrapers. They consequently load and concentrate information from the sites dependent on client prerequisites.Scrapy is an open-source web crawling system, written in Python. Initially intended for web scratching, it can likewise be utilised to separate information utilising APIs or as a universally useful web crawler.


Most Popular Datasets for Question Classification

Questions Classification assumes a significant part in question answering systems, with one of the most important steps in the enhancement of the classification process being the identification of question types. The main aim of question classification is to anticipate the substance kind of the appropriate response of a natural language processing. Question order is regularly done using machine learning procedures.


Deep Dive in Datasets for Machine translation in NLP Using TensorFlow and PyTorch

With the advancement of machine translation, there is a recent movement towards large-scale empirical techniques that have prompted exceptionally massive enhancements in translation quality. Machine Translation is the technique of consequently changing over one characteristic language into another, saving the importance of the info text.


Datasets for Language Modelling in NLP using TensorFlow and PyTorch

In recent times, Language Modelling has gained momentum in the field of Natural Language Processing. So, it is essential for us to think of new models and strategies for quicker and better preparation of language models. Nonetheless, because of the complexity of language, we have to deal with some of the problems in the dataset. With an increase in the size of the dataset, there is an increase in the normal number of times a word shows up in that dataset.

Guide to IMDb Movie Dataset With Python Implementation

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online information base committed to a wide range of data about a wide scope of film substance, for example, movies, TV and web-based streaming shows, etc. The IMDb dataset contains 50,000 surveys, permitting close to 30 audits for each film.


Moment in Time: The Biggest Short Video Dataset For Data Scientists

Moment in Time is one of the biggest human-commented video datasets catching visual and discernible short occasions created by people, creatures, articles and nature. It was developed in 2018 by the researchers: Mathew Monfort, Alex Andonian, Bolei Zhou and Kandan Ramakrishnan. The dataset comprises more than 1,000,000 3-second recordings relating to 339 unique action words

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