Anmol Koul
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Anmol has been working for nearly 4 years in the BI domain. He is working right now as a Senior-consultant in the BI program at Wincere Inc. He has worked across geographies and a number of clients in a consulting role. Recently he has shifted his focus to the open source stack and develops cutting edge visualization solutions using open source libraries. Apart from coding and consulting Anmol can be found listening to music or playing basketball. His twitter handle is @anmolkoul

Story-Boarding in a D3.js dashboard using Intro.js

Today we will see how to add a guided step by step story-line to our D3 dashboard. We will be using another awesome open source java script library: Intro.js I have been doing dash-boarding and visualization for quite some time…

Drag and Drop Visuals in your Interactive Dashboard – Gridster & D3.js

As part of my continued interactions with the open source stack, I came across a very nice library: Gridster.js. Gridster is a really cool and awesome JavaScript library that enables drag and drop as well as re-sizing features for your html placeholders…

Interactive Data Visualization using D3.js, DC.js, Nodejs and MongoDB

The aim behind this blog post is to introduce open source business intelligence technologies and explore data using open source technologies like D3.js, DC.js, Node JS and MongoDB. Over the span of this post we will see the importance of…

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