Anshika Mathews

Anshika Mathews

Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at

Bridging the gap between Data leaders and Recruitment Heads

bridging the gap between data leaders and recruitment heads is an ongoing process and requires relentless effort. Organisations should establish a framework for regular communication and collaboration, and periodically review and adjust as necessary. Additionally, it’s important to involve both data leaders and recruitment heads in the decision-making process and make sure that their voices are heard and considered.

Council Post: Digital Personal Data Protection Bill – 2022, Challenges and Opportunities

India is preparing to make history. Taking the lead in Industrial Revolution 4.0 is perhaps a significant turning point in the country’s development. In order to build artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and robotics while protecting individual privacy, we must take control of the data and information generated by Indian customers and work with professionals equipped to handle it.

Council Post: Is there anything like too much data?

We’ve assumed that more data translates to more useful information and a higher likelihood of learning new things. In many ways, having a wealth of data is turning out to be more of a burden than an asset, which is something we’ve started to appreciate.

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