Anu Thomas

Anu Thomas

Anu is a writer who stews in existential angst and actively seeks what’s broken. Lover of avant-garde films and BoJack Horseman fan theories, she has previously worked for Economic Times. Contact:

Is The Recent Criticism For OpenAI Unfair?

OpenAI had earned plenty of plaudits for its transparent and collaborative culture, but the research organization received a drubbing in MIT Technology Review for allegedly

Flipkart AI

Inside Flipkart’s AI-Powered Bots

Flipkart’s AI exploration and robotics space had led the company to adopt a technology that enabled humans and bots to work together seamlessly. India is

Top 5 AI Trends Shaping Football

Football season will soon be upon us, but for the longest time, the sport has been reluctant to kick off the use of technology in

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