Aparna Iyer

Aparna Iyer

Aparna Iyer has covered various sectors spanning education, wildlife, culture and law for close to a decade. She now writes on technology and is keen to unearth its capability for public good.

What’s the Antidote to ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT’s superhuman capabilities have amazed the world, they have also stoked fear in the educational community about the chatbot’s misuse

Crazy ChatGPT Clones

OpenAI’s revolutionary chatbot has inspired a wide range of tools and applications with unique features and capabilities that leverage the power of language generation to simplify everyday life

ChatGPT of Food Recipes, ChefGPT

Banking on the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Binance performance marketing manager Stefano Cantù, over the weekend, built a ChatGPT of food recipes, ChefGPT. It is

Meet StockGPT, the ChatGPT of Stocks

OpenAI’s popular offering ChatGPT has inspired a host of AI-powered tools such as Character GPT, Claude and Chat BCG. And then there’s one for stocks,

7 Useful Apps Built Using GPT-3

The benefits of using GPT-3 to build an application or a tool include a faster turnaround of the task, multiple use cases, multilingual interpretations and minimal errors

World’s First AI Interns Hired

Codeword, a leading tech-marketing agency, has hired the world’s first AI interns. The interns named Aiden and Aiko have been hired for a three-month trial

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