Apoorva Verma

Apoorva Verma

As the Content Strategist for Analytics India magazine, Apoorva takes care of editing & writing articles, covering analytics news, taking interviews and managing the social media marketing.

The life of Marvin Lee Minsky: Father of AI

Having made fundamental contributions to the fields of robotics and computer aided learning technologies, Professor Marvin Minsky is considered the father of Artificial Intelligence and

Hadoop has completed a decade already!

Today, the big data universe revolves around Hadoop, an open-source distributed platform to store and process data with high volume, velocity and variety. What started

Keeping Track: Ratan Tata backs Tracxn

When India’s most prestigious man, Ratan Tata decides to track startups globally, he invests in the world’s largest startup research platform – Tracxn. It is

Happy Birthday Mr. Goodnight!

James H. Goodnight is celebrating his 73rd Birthday this year. Born on Jan 6, 1943, he revolutionized the world of analytics when he co-founded the

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