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Mohan Jayaraman

Mohan Jayaraman

Mohan Jayaraman is the Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Regional Innovation at Experian. He leads the SEA business and heads up Experian’s innovation hub – Experian X Labs in the region. He holds the additional responsibility for the Analytics, Business information business line and technology for the APac region. Mohan is a seasoned senior executive in the data and financial services space and has managed multi-market and vertical responsibilities in his 10-year tenure at Experian. He is a data science, machine learning and technology enthusiast with considerable experience working in consumer banking as well as the B2B business space. He is contactable at

GPT 3: Behind The Hype

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), for the uninitiated, is a language model, with the capability to generate amazing human-like text on demand, which has been the

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