Ashwin Swarup

Ashwin Swarup

Ashwin is the VP of Data Science and Data Engineering at Digité Inc. He brings with him more than a decade’s experience in leading international data science teams. His focus is on building data science products that can scale for enterprise-level AI applications. Currently he is working to realize the power of XAI in decision sciences and building human-in-the-loop systems to simplify complex business processes for CXO offices.

Council Post: The Rise of Generative AI and Living Content

In this era of content, the use of technology, such as AI and data analytics, is becoming increasingly important as it can help content creators personalise their content, improve its quality, and reach their target audience with greater efficacy. AI writing has arrived and is here to stay. Once we overcome the initial need to cling to our conventional methods, we can begin to be more receptive to the tremendous opportunities that these technologies present.

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