Dinesh Jain
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Dinesh is Founder and CEO of Kloutix Solutions Pvt Ltd. (www.kloutix.com ). He can be reached at at dj@kloutix.com


Kloutix is a next generation analytical company focused on “Analytics of the Future” by providing high-end business analytics leveraging the latest technologies like cloud, open source etc., supplemented by the propriety automation and platform capabilities. Never before in the history…

“Analytics-Driven Organization” – The time is now!!

For at least two decades, the emphasis among business intelligence (BI) practitioners, implementers and integrators, consultants, vendors, and others has been on making business more “BI-driven.” Companies have invested a lot of time, effort and money in building datamarts, data…


If you recall about 6-7 years ago there was a huge hype of cloud. Everybody was excited by it and not many people knew what it was …same as big data today!! Over the period, some of the corporate applications…

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