Gayatri Choda
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Gayathri has over 6 years of experience across digital analytics, marketing strategy development. Before joining Mediamind as Head of Analytics practise, she worked with WPP group in Singapore as Insights and Optimization lead for SEAP countries. Her clientele includes Microsoft, Nokia, Xbox, TimeWarner group, JP Morgan etc. Her diverse background is in campaign analytics, media and site side analytics, ad inventory analytics, search analytics, content analytics, social media analytics, ecommerce and mobile analytics. She is a MBA graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology, USA with an engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. She is also a certified mobile marketer from Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), APAC. Outside work she is fond of photography and travelling.

4C Optimization for Digital Marketing practice

Digital marketing is a complex ecosystem and with technology it seems to be getting tougher with time. Making this digital marketing practise to help drive business objectives, there is a need for a structured framework. This should be built upon…

Digital DNA – Knowing Your Customers

Consider how our day is starting. Reading news on smart phone to checking mails; reviewing map directions of client meeting place to counting calories of breakfast; we are leaving traces of our likes, dislikes, sentiments, priorities on worldwide web. When…

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