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Gourab Nath
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I am a full-time faculty at the Praxis Business School’s Post Graduate Program in Data Science at Bangalore. I have a Master’s Degree in Statistics and am deeply passionate about research, learning and teaching. I have five years of experience in teaching in this field, of which the last 3 years have been at Praxis. I am constantly working towards designing effective industry-relevant pedagogy to learn Data Science, which can help the students connect theoretical concepts with industry practice. I love mentoring students and have guided several Capstone Projects in the areas of machine learning and deep learning at Praxis. Some of these projects have been converted into papers and have won accolades at international conferences in places like IIM Bangalore. I have appeared twice (2018 and 2019) as a speaker in Cypher, one of the largest analytics summits in India organized by the Analytics India Magazine. I have presented research papers in some reputed International Conferences and have received the “Best Paper” award for one of my conference publications. I had also been one of the key speakers in one National level FDP and delivered some MDPs for large corporates. Presently, in addition to teaching and leading Capstone projects, I am engaging myself in research and consultancy.

Tracking Corona Using Tableau

(A) Introduction The world is in a disastrous situation now. Since the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, it took almost no time to affect the entire world. More than 210 countries and territories around the world got affected.…

Correcting Class Imbalanced Data For Binary Classification Problems (Demonstrations Using Animated Videos)

(A) Introduction This article assumes that the readers have some knowledge about binary classification problems. Consider a binary classification problem where the target variable is highly imbalanced. You may imagine problems like detecting fraudulent transactions, predicting attrition, cancer detection, etc.…

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