Kashyap Raibagi

Kashyap Raibagi

Kashyap currently works as a Tech Journalist at Analytics India Magazine (AIM). Reach out at kashyap.raibagi@analyticsindiamag.com

Is AI Adoption Going Way Too Fast?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of AI adoption, but many industry insiders find the speed of adoption a bit overwhelming, according to a

How To Use AI To Fight Propaganda

“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.” Marshall McLuhan The word disinformation is a cognate for the Russian dezinformatsia,

Why Are IT Giants Buying Robotics Companies?

Accenture is all set to acquire the industrial and robotics automation firm Pollux, headquartered in Joinville, Brazil. Accenture said the acquisition would expand its capabilities

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