Krishna Rastogi

Krishna Rastogi

Krishna currently working as an Associate Director at ADaSci. He has 6+ experience research & development, cutting edge engineering to develop products from idea to deployment. He comes with expertise in building deep learning computer vision applications using both hardware and software solutions in several domains. His interests are the domain of distributed learning and Edge AI.
MONAI Analytics India Magazine

Using MONAI Framework For Medical Imaging Research

MONAI is a PyTorch based framework, community-driven, and has been accepted in many healthcare imaging solutions. It is integrated with training and modelling workflows in a native PyTorch Standard. MONAI provides deep learning solution in medical image training and analysis at several places

Hands-on Vision Transformers with PyTorch

ViT breaks an input image of 16×16 to a sequence of patches, just like a series of word embeddings generated by an NLP Transformers. Each patch gets flattened into a single vector in a series of interconnected channels of all pixels in a patch, then projects it to desired input dimension.

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