Lokesh Choudhary

Lokesh Choudhary

Lokesh enjoys reading a lot and views himself as an armchair technology journalist. He enjoys sharing tales involving technology. His background in linguistics as a subject of the study did not prevent him from investigating the subjects of AI and Data Science. His email address is lokesh.choudhary@analyticsindiamag.com.

The Hidden Cost of ChatGPT for Indian Languages

When we calculate the price of producing this article using the Ada model, the Hindi translation would require nearly 7X of tokens as well as 7X of the pricing in comparison to the same article produced in English. For a language like Kannada, the pricing is 11X more than what it is in English. 

Soaring IT Profits is Just a Mirage for Investors

HCL Tech reported revenue growth of 9% in the third quarter, which is 1.4% less than the previous quarter, but the constant currency revenue growth in Q3 2023 is 2.7% less than the revenue growth reported in Q2 2023.

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