Lokesh Choudhary

Lokesh Choudhary

Tech-savvy storyteller with a knack for uncovering AI's hidden gems and dodging its potential pitfalls. 'Navigating the world of tech', one story at a time. You can reach me at: lokesh.choudhary@analyticsindiamag.com.

Opensource Competitor Of GPT-4 Is Here

Equipped with an impressive 13 billion parameters, Orca has surpassed the competition in various evaluations, including the rigorous Big Bench Hard (BBH) challenge, as well as esteemed academic exams like SAT, LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. 

Top 5 AI Tools for Marketing

With a plethora of technological marvels popping up left and right, it can be a bit of a dilemma to decide which one will deliver the most bang for your buck

Google is Now a Classified Ad Page! 

The articles the AI-based search engine writes are of lesser quality, mere imitations of the originals, making Google a large content farm on steroids. 

 5 Android Apps That Were Caught Spying

In this day and age, privacy seems to be about as mythical as unicorns. We can’t help but wonder, how many more popular applications are out there, pulling the wool over our unsuspecting eyes.

The Idea Was Never to Replace Humans

Is Sam Altman a Hypocrite? 

While on the one hand, Altman is advocating for the international community to build strong AI regulations, he is also worried when someone finally decides to regulate it 

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