Tushar Sonal
Tushar Sonal
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Tushar Sonal is Marketing Consultant & Lead Blogger at Polestar Solutions. Working closely with the business development team on delivering mission-critical data analytics projects, he brings a unique perspective with in-depth understanding around the major factors that differentiate a successful implementation from a sub-optimal one. He likes to read and blog about emerging technology trends and how the companies are riding the wave of technological disruptions brought by data, to innovate the way they operate, and how to emerge on top.

How Data Analytics Is Helping Address Wildlife Crime

The coronavirus pandemic has brought urgent global attention to illegal wildlife trade that has been spreading through complex and global supply chains. Globally the illegal wildlife trade industry is estimated to be worth around 20 bn dollars annually and is…

Uncovering Enterprise Dark Data For Successful Business Intelligence

Dark Data refers to the data that the enterprise collects through different internal processes, but which are not used by the business as inputs into their analytics models. While it may sound incredulous, dark data come to exist for multiple…

How To Use Effective Data Storytelling For Business Impact

An extraordinary amount of data passes through businesses on an ordinary day.   Data-driven insights are driving a new wave of business intelligence, helping move the needle with quick business impact.  However, with the increasing dependency and usage of analytics that…

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