Meeta Ramnani

Meeta Ramnani

Meeta has completed PGD in Business Journalism from IIJNM, Bangalore. She comes with over six years of experience in journalism and writes about emerging enterprise technologies with a focus on digital transformation. She loves to go on bike rides and stays in touch with nature. Contact:

Should SMBs Hire Tech Talent Or Outsource?

Building an in-house tech team is difficult, and so is explaining your requirements to the outsourced company. With budget and time constraints, SMBs and startups must choose the best that suits their needs.

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse: Can It Be Trusted?

Tech companies are gearing up for metaverse, consumers are watching the space for immersive experiences, but can Facebook be trusted with the power that the technology brings in?

How Young Is Too Young: AI For Children

Exposing children to AI helps them build logical reasoning skills and helps them understand the ways in which they can utilise the digital tools with higher awareness and smartness.

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